Flashback: Manchester Medics’ Revue at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Comedy is hard. Really hard. Medicine hard. So, who better than to take on the challenge of pretending to be funny in a room full of staff and students than those used to be pretending to be clever in a room full of staff and students. And that’s just what the Manchester Medics’ Revue has been doing for the past four years running. After rising from the ashes in 2011, the yearly sketch comedy show has gone from strength to strength in its attempt to scrape humour from such comedy gold mines as Langerhans cells, designer deaths and Jeremy Kyle.

However, whilst performing to a room of medical students is great fun (Martini references always go down a storm), the cast have yearned for something more. It’s long been a dream amongst the members of to take the show to bigger and better venues and, this year, that dream became a reality when we became ambassadors for all that is funny in the greater Stopford area at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Image: Stephenie Bennett, Photography Student
Image: Stephanie Bennett, Photography Student

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Fresher’s Flu: The Ultimate Survival Guide

Blowing NoseWelcome, freshers one and all! I’m sure you’re all super excited for lectures to begin so that you can start working hard like a real responsible student… but not until Fresher’s week is over.

However you decide to spend your first week, there are a few things that will most likely happen: You’ll make hundreds of ‘new friends’ but never speak to most of them again once lectures begin; fear of missing out will make you do some ridiculous things; oh, and you’ll most likely get really sick at some point.

Fresher’s flu is the troublesome illness that plagues around 90% of freshers in their first few weeks at University. In reality just a bad cold, symptoms include fever, sore throat, coughing, general discomfort, and severe headache. It might not sound so bad but if Fresher’s is going to be your first time coping without parents, it could really knock you sideways.

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Pacemaker – Year 2, Issue 01

We are very proud to present to you this year’s first issue of Pacemaker in its brand new look. You can view the issue by clicking [HERE] or on the picture above. Follow us on here and on Facebook for updates and further information on how you can become a part of Pacemaker and get published. “The theme is Life. Pacemaker is full of it. … Continue reading Pacemaker – Year 2, Issue 01