Music, Literature, Art and Medicine

Image: Ege Okyar
Image: Ege Okyar

I spend a fair amount of time assuring myself that medical students are allowed to do things with their time other than just medicine. In fact, I think I often find myself encouraging myself to believe that they should do things with their time other than just medicine.

Problematically, due to the fact that medicine as an ‘art’ and ‘vocation’ and medical school as a place of study are broadly mythologised by both the media and the public alike – not to mention our facilitators’ influence – medical students can often find themselves stuck in a boggy mire of stressful self-criticism: have I done enough work today? Should I do more tomorrow? Should I have an early night? Should I have an even earlier morning? Should I pack it all in and become a furniture maker? The latter is only a very intimate personal ambition but the rest, I’m sure, you can relate to.

It was a pleasure, then, to enjoy an evening of various talent displayed variously in the company of a variously charming variety of people. On Monday, November 9th, a hearty bunch of students, staff and simulated patients gathered for a convivial glass of wine or seven (OK, again, just me) and to listen, see and take part in a spectacular showcase of only some of the talent that we are fortunate enough to share learning spaces with. I was particularly humbled by the display of musical talent throughout the evening and, as always, vowed to take up an instrument in my spare time and become the next medical impresario. The best laid plans…

Otherwise, the evening served as a wonderful opportunity for this humble little magazine to announce its presence in a more glamorous manner. Earlier this semester, the team and I cheekily canvassed the support of Sarah Collins and her team down in the CSLC haven in the hope that the event could in some way represent an informal launch for Pacemaker Magazine. Needless to say, they were stupendous in their unrivalled support of our endeavours, and we were allowed to take part in the event and show off some of our latest work including photography and glorious mounted spreads of some of our articles. Effulgent thanks, as always, are due to Sarah and her team. We’ve included a handful of photographs of the event so you can get a mere taste of what you missed out when you were away doing something ‘more important’ or, dare I say ‘cool’.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the next music, literature, art and medicine evening, which will be coming in February of the New Year – any and all are encouraged to contribute. Details will be announced on MedLea, and on the Pacemaker Facebook page in due course. Do come along – it’d be great to see you there.

Matthew Betts

For the rest of the pictures from the night, visit our Facebook album HERE.