Movember Success

By Nicholas Pearson

This year students of the University of Manchester came together and raised over £2400 pounds for the Movember Foundation! This is a great achievement and on behalf of everyone who this money is going to support I would like to thank those who got involved and helped to raise funds.

A special thanks to Kate Hyde and Emrana Khatun, both of whom were sponsored to draw on a different moustache for each day of the month. This sterling effort saw them raise nearly £700 between them! You may have seen their progress in their entries for our “Mo of the week” photo competition. This money will help fund programs working to improve the lives of men affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues.

It can sometimes be difficult to appreciate the difference even the smallest charitable donations can make, and I am acutely aware of this myself. Before starting medicine I did an MRes here in Manchester and my research project was looking into potential biomarkers in prostate cancer. In this project I was fortunate enough to have access to biopsy samples of prostate cancer patients from the Salford Royal Hospital Urology Clinic.

Every so often during this project it would hit me that each one of the hundreds of data points in my results corresponded to a real person. Each individual one had gone through that indescribable moment of being told they had cancer.

So now that Movember is over, and you return to your regular clean-shaven style, remember that while you may have raised some eyebrows over the last month, you also helped to raise funds that will make a real difference, to real people.

Find out who the ‘Mo of the week’ winners are below.


First week “Mo of the week” winner Kate Hyde


Second week “Mo of the week” winner Emrana Khatun

Photo removed by request.

Third week “Mo of the week” winner Sohail Nakhuda


Fourth Week “Mo of the week” winner Tara Aveyard